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The Conservative Party has won a shock overall majority in the general election after a devastating night for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The Tories have won 328 seats so far, with BBC forecasting a total of 331 enough to form a majority in the House of Commons.

Labour was badly hit in Scotland, losing huge swathes of seats to the SNP, which gained 50 seats bringing its total to 56 out of 59 north of the border.

Some of the nights casualties included Labour heavyweight Ed Balls, who lost his seat by 422 votes to the Conservatives, and formerLib Dem business secretary Vince Cable, who also lost his seat to the Tories.

Mr Balls gave an emotional speech to his former constituency in Morley and Outwood this morning.

The former shadow chancellor congratulated Conservative MP, Andrea Jenkyns, who, he said, fought a decent campaign.

He added: Any personal disappointment I have with this result is nothing compared to the sense of sorrow I have at the result Labour has achieved across the United Kingdom.

Mr Ball said that he had concerns for the future of Britain, including the future of the union and the NHS.

Labour leader Ed Miliband, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, and Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who failed to win in South Thanet, all resigned their positions this morning.

Mr Miliband said it had been a difficult and disappointing night for his party, while Mr Clegg said it had been a cruel and punishing night.

Full forecasts give the Conservatives 331 seat, Labour 232, the Lib Dems eight, the SNP 56, Plaid Cymru three, UKIP one, the Greens one and others 19.

Earlier this week, industry leaders at the UKs biggest contractors saidthe Conservative Party best understands the needs of construction.

Results from the Construction News Barometer Q1 2015 showed that 73.8 per cent of those surveyed believed the Tories understood the industry better than their rivals, compared with only 19 per cent saying the same of the Labour Party

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